Top 5 Tips for Managing Grass Allergy

1. Don’t mow the lawn, delegate. If you can’t let someone else mow the lawn take an antihistamine before mowing.

2. Keep your grass short so that it won’t pollinate. (Grass pollinates through the air.)

3. Check your local pollen count every day. High grass pollen count days are not a good time to outdoors so avoid outdoor activities. As you can see, we have had a lot of wet weather recently, so grass pollen counts have been low.

4. Cool, your home with drapes, closed blinds, and air conditioning. Keep the windows shut to keep out grass pollen, which pollinates for most of the summer.

5. After spending a few hours outside change your clothes.

6. If antihistamines alone don’t help enough, visit Allergy SA and ask about different grass allergy treatment. You might be a candidate for allergy drops (SLIT).

Bright side, the grass-pollinating season ends with the arrival of August.

May 14,2016 / by allergysa