The Most Common Ways That Pollen Gets Into Your Home

If you suffer from frequent allergies, keeping pollen out of your home is vitally important. Doing so ensures that you feel yourself when you’re home and can avoid battling allergy symptoms such as a scratchy throat, runny nose and itchy eyes. Here are a few ways that pollen commonly finds its way into a home and how to keep it from happening.

Pollen In Your Hair 

Having pollen in your hair will cause you to experience allergies no matter where you are, but this is especially true at home. For example, if you go to bed with pollen in your hair, it is then transferred to your pillow and blankets, where it can continue to bother you for days to come. Get in the habit of washing your hair often, and especially every night before you go to bed, and you’ll soon notice an absence of allergy symptoms as you fall asleep and wake up in the morning.

Coming In On Your Pets 

As lovable as they are, pets are the perfect carriers for pollen. As you let them inside and outside, pollen sticks to your pet’s hair, just as it does to yours, and also to their paws. You can easily fix this problem by brushing your pet outdoors before you let them into your home and wiping their paws off each time they approach the door.

Through Open Windows 

Unfortunate as it is, especially during the most beautiful times of the year, keeping your windows closed is the best way to keep pollen out of your home. However, be sure to keep an eye on your local pollen forecast for days when pollen levels are low. On these days you can often get away with opening your windows for a while and enjoying the fresh air without the worry of excess pollen getting into your living space.

Negative Air Pressure 

When negative air pressure exists, it means that your home is sucking outside air in through the cracks in your doors and windows. This is caused by leaks in the heating and cooling ducts of your home. If you’ve had a long-term problem with pollen getting into your home, have a professional take a look your home’s ducts and check for leaks. Fixing this negative pressure will instantly create a cleaner and pollen-free living environment.

If you think any of these common causes of pollen in the home apply to you, then simply take the measures to fix them and you will be much more comfortable. By keeping your windows closed when pollen is high, washing your hair regularly, fixing negative air pressure and making sure your pets are clean, you’ll have a pollen-free living space that you can fully enjoy.

April 1,2019 / by allergysa