10 Asthma Myth Busters

Asthma is an extremely common lung condition in the United States- approximately 26 million children and adults suffer from it. With so many people having this condition, there are bound to be rumors and myths that come with it. Today, we will fact-check some of these myths to create more safety and awareness for those with asthma.


Myth: Children can outgrow asthma.1

Truth: Asthma can go into periods of remission or may be so well controlled that symptoms are not experienced for long periods. Once you have asthma, you’ll always have asthma. 


Myth: Asthma is difficult to control. 3

Truth: It can be well-controlled with the right treatment options available to you.


Myth: You can stop medication during the seasons that you don’t have any exposure to your asthma triggers.1

Truth: It’s important for you to continue your asthma action plan and take your medication to keep control of your asthma. Your doctor may tell you to reduce your medication if it is well under control, however, it is very dangerous to stop without supervision. 


Myth: Pregnant women with asthma should not take the flu shot.1

Truth: Pregnant women should get the flu shot when it’s available. Getting the vaccine is protecting them, and via the placenta, giving the baby some flu immunity, too. 


Myth: Asthma medication is dangerous and can be addicting.4

Truth: No asthma medication used in the U.S. is habit-forming or addicting. Although some medications are inhaled corticosteroids, these are not related to the steroids used for muscle growth (for athletes). 


Myth: Asthma can’t be fatal.5

Truth: It is rare, but fatalities can happen. The rate of death due to asthma has been decreasing since 2001


Myth: My child has asthma and shouldn’t be allowed to play outside or play any sports.7

Truth: All kids need to exercise and be healthy. As long as a child with controlled asthma takes their medication before they play outside or join a sport, they should be able to keep up. If the child has uncontrolled asthma, they may develop symptoms as they play. 


Myth: Asthma symptoms are the same for everyone.2

Truth: Asthma affects each person differently. One person might show several symptoms and others may just cough.


Myth: Asthma is all in your mind.2

Truth: Asthma is hard to predict but can be very serious. There can be underlying inflammation in the airways in people with asthma. Asthma doesn’t just go away when symptoms are gone. 


Myth: Asthma medication becomes less effective over time.6

Truth: If you have an asthma attack, it may not be that your medication has stopped working- it may just be the air quality or you are being exposed to a new environmental trigger. Although if it is noticeable that you’re having a difficult time controlling your asthma, contact your doctor and find ways to better manage or change your medication. 


If you have any questions about how to maintain your asthma, please give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified providers to help you find the best ways to help. 210-616-0882. 


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May 4,2021 / by Kayla Gomez