Local Elementary Students Compete with Animal Allergy Alert App

This week, Dr. Diaz was invited to speak with the Robotics Team of Spicewood Elementary. This talented group of students from the Southwest Independent School District are preparing for a competition where they will present their project titled the Animal Allergy Alert App.

As a part of their research, the students wanted to speak with a specialist who could help them better understand the causes, symptoms and treatments of animal allergies. Dr. Diaz was thrilled to speak with the group about common types of animal allergies as well as symptoms ranging from mild local reactions to severe anaphylaxis.

Dr. Diaz and the students discussed how avoidance is the number one treatment for allergies and how their Animal Allergy Alert App plays a role in that treatment. They also discussed other treatment options such as the use of antihistamines and epinephrine.

Allergy SA wishes the Spicewood Elementary Robotics Team the best of luck on their upcoming competition this March.

If you believe you or a family member has an allergy to animals, contact Allergy SA for an appointment today at (210) 616-0882.

February 9,2017 / by allergysa