Have You Met Your Deductible? A Good Time for Allergy Testing

Have You Met Your Deductible?

The end of the year is a good time to think about how to get the most from your health insurance, including scheduling an appointment for an allergy test. Both allergy testing and treatments are covered by most insurance plans, so if you’ve met your deductible for the year, your out-of-pocket costs could be minimal, or possibly zero. If you choose allergy shots as your treatment option, starting them while your deductible is met has additional financial benefit. Under most insurance plans your deductible will reset to the full amount beginning on January 1. Make sure you and your family members get the most from your health insurance and flexible spending accounts this year.

Prepare for Winter

The winter season not only brings colder temperatures, but also cold and flu season. Both can impact people with asthma.  The best way to stay healthy during the coming months is to make sure your asthma is well-controlled going into the season.  Now is also a good time to schedule a visit with an AllergySA provider to discuss symptom control and any necessary changes to your current asthma and allergy management plan.  

Don’t Suffer Through Another Pollen Season 

Winter is a great time to help your body prepare for the spring allergy season. Depending on the results from testing, our allergists will determine the best way to treat your allergic symptoms. If allergen immunotherapy (shots or drops) is recommended, you can start building your body’s resistance to your specific allergic triggers now. Don’t wait until you are miserable to start treating your allergy symptoms.

Insurance Information

AllergySA accepts most major health insurance plans.  Some plans may not cover all of our services or may have referral requirements that are the responsibility of the patient. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine your specific plan benefits and if there are any referral requirements for your visit.

If you have questions about the plans we accept or your plan’s coverage for our services, please call (210) 616-0882.  One of our team members will answer your questions and schedule your appointment if desired. 

Schedule a visit with one of our allergy and asthma specialists today and breathe better in 2023! 

November 10,2022 / by Kayla Gomez