First Patient Reaches Maintenance Phase of Palforzia® – New FDA Approved Peanut Allergy Treatment

Peanut Allergy Patient

Congratulations to Claire for being our first peanut allergy patient to reach the maintenance phase of Palforzia®.

Palforzia® is the first and only standardized oral immunotherapy treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to minimize the incidence and severity of an allergic reaction from accidental exposure to peanuts.

Early this year, AllergySA was the first to introduce Palforzia® to the San Antonio area and is now the second in the nation to have a patient reach the maintenance phase. The treatment involves an up-dosing phase first administered in an allergist’s office every 2 weeks for about 6 months. Once up-dosing has been completed, the patient will continue taking the maintenance dose at home daily.

To start treatment, the patient needs to be between the ages of 4 and 17 with a confirmed diagnosis of peanut allergy. In the event of accidental peanut exposure, Palforzia® can help reduce the risk of a severe allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis.

Palforzia® is covered by all major insurances including Medicaid. To find out if Palforzia® is right for your family, schedule an appointment with AllergySA at 210-616-0882.

November 9,2020 / by Kayla Gomez