COVID-19 Asthma Dilemma
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COVID-19 creates new dilemma for parents with asthmatic children

AllergySA's Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Diaz, was recently interviewed about how COVID-19 creates a dilemma for parents when your child has been diagnosed with asthma. While you may be ready to return back to work, finding childcare is…
Express News First Drug to Treat Peanut Allergies
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San Antonio Express-News: San Antonio Clinics to Offer First Drug To Treat Peanut Allergies

Dr. Lukena Karkhanis and AllergySA were featured on the front page the San Antonio Express-News on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 as one of the first clinics in San Antonio to offer the newly approved peanut allergy drug, named Palforzia. “This…
Dr. Karkhanis Palforzia Peanut Allergy News4
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New Peanut Allergy Treatment

  Dr. Lukena Karkhanis of AllergySA was interviewed by on the first ever FDA approved treatment for peanut allergies named Palforzia. "[A peanut allergy] restricts where they can vacation, it restricts where…
Boy drinking milk
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What you need to know about food allergies and your child

No parent wants to see their child suffer. As a parent, one of the worst fears is that one’s child will or has developed a food allergy. Whether inherited or not, food allergies are more common in children, with research showing that…

Fall Allergies: FOX Daytime at Nine

Dr. Lukena Karkhanis, from Allergy SA, talks with Kimberly about allergies. In San Antonio allergies are all year around, ragweed and cedar are the two big seasons. Kimberly also learns that you can develop the allergies over time.
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Breakthrough Treatment for Eczema

Dupixent (dupilumab) injection, the first biologic agent to treat adults with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (eczema) has been approved by the FDA. Allergy SA is redefining the treatment of eczema by providing Dupixent for new and current…

Dr. Joseph D. Diaz Voted to Best Doctors in America® List

It is with great honor that we announce Dr. Joseph David Diaz has been named to the Best Doctors in America® List. San Antonio Magazine recently published an excerpt of this list including 407 local doctors in 62 different specialties.…